History and Architecture

Beit Kadima is a bauhaus building that resides in Kiryat-Shmuel neighborhood, Jerusalem. Besides it's architectonic significance, the old bricks of Beit Kadima also has a quite interesting story.

The building was constructed in 1947 by  the British Mandatory autoroties to house the families of their high-ranked officers. Before the populating, His Majesty's government decided to withdraw it's forces from Eretz-Israel. The necessity of housing officers in the fancy building has gone, and the officers never got to reside here.

Instead, the building housed the members of the United Nations Special Comittie on Palestine (UNSCOP). The committie, that was formed in May 1947, was appointed in order to examine the sutuation in the country and propose solutions. The comittee's recommendations were accepted by the UN General Assembly on Novemer 29th, 1947, laying the foundations for the establishmebt of a Jewish state in the holyland.

After the committe left, the building housed Jewish families serving in The "Hagana" (The defense force of the Jewish Community and the Zionist movemebt prior to the establishment of the State of Israel). During the War of Independence (1948) the building became a military outpost.

The building, designed by the well known architect Otto Hoffman in the International (Bauhaus) style with traditional Jerualem motids.

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